サポーター会員様募集/Support us



To present the greater show to various places in Japan and world, Be・JAPON is now inviting our supporters.
We believe in the power of culture, the power of beautiful performance. We believe that the cultural bridge between countries and people can lead friendship, and eventually the peaceful world.
Your kind contribution is deeply appreciated and you will get our bulletin and tiny gift as a token of our gratitude.

We are also finding our partner organization/ company to share our mission in your place.
We are always heading to the next stage, and our future destination might be your city. Let us show you our culture, and let us see your culture.
We believe if more people get interested in the beauty of other cultures, we can cherish our difference and we can make the better change to the world. Thank you so much for your kind support!!

Help us share our story with more people! Your share of our official website or facebook page on your facebook and twitter will be deeply appreciated.